Tax practice for legal entities

The advantages of the tax practice of the company are great experience in support of large tax projects in all types of taxes representing companies with different sectoral specificity in their production activities.


  • Consulting and drafting of legal memoranda on complicated issues of taxation and accounting;
  • Tax audit;
  • Identification of tax risks and tax reserves;
  • Consulting on issues of tax risks management (their minimization);
  • Drafting of policies on taxation and accounting and bookkeeping;
  • Determination of strategy on protection of rights and legal interests of taxpayers (preparation of tax declarations, detailed tax declarations, providing written explanations in the name and on behalf of a taxpayer, drafting responses to address the requests received from tax authorities, preparing objections to tax audit acts, assistance in conduct of competent research);
  • Settling of tax disputes, claims posed by tax authorities on the pre-trial stage;
  • Representation of interests of clients by tax inspections, upon the results of their completion - during the pre-trial stage and in arbitration courts.